Finding inner peace

So it’s finally summer. Or sort of. Here in Finland the warm summer days have been a rare thing this year. May was the coldest in decades and the mid summer doesn’t look too promising either this year. One can only hope for the Indian summer to arrive.

I’m finally finished with school and my internship. To celebrate that I took a week of vacation from work and retreated to my sanctuary – my grandpa’s summer cottage. This is the place where I have spent all my childhood summers and I just love being there. There is electricity but no running water so we take the water from a well. We heat the sauna with logs that we use for a fireplace in the cottage as well on rainy days. There is Mökki9something refreshing about having to work for getting water or heating up the sauna instead turning on the tap or pushing the ON-button.
My days at the cottage are usually quite chill. The patio is boasting in sunlight until early evening and makes the perfect place to relax. This time I found a great magazine Breathe that had really interesting writings and were about mindfulness and wellbeing. I have to say I was really impressed with the magazine and now I’m keenly waiting for the next one.


Even rainy days are bliss here as you can enjoy reading and having the fireplace radiating heat.

Mökki3   Mökki4

The cottage is by a lake and the sauna is conveniently just a few steps away from it making it the perfect place to cool of during sauna time. For me it doesn’t matter how cold the water is, I always go in at least once. One year I didn’t get to the cottage until late autumn and as tradition I had to take a dip in the lake even if it had almost frozen earlier that autumn already. Tradition is a tradition. Luckily this time the water was already 12 Celsius degrees the first day so it wasn’t too bad. I gave the lake a few days after that to warm up and the next time I was actually able to enjoy the swim and do few rounds. There is nothing better than swimming in the lake and having the sun setting behind the horizon.

One of my favorite things is food. Every time I go to the cottage I make sure we smoke salmon. That is the best food I know. This time my grandpa and his neighbor succeeded in catching a perch and a pike-perch which we smoked too, of course. The yard has delicies to offer as well. The rhubarbs are already thriving so I made a pie for us. The sourness of the rhubarb and the softness of the dough are a perfect combination.

Time at the cottage is like refueling by batteries. I spent days amongst the nature and just let my mind slow down and unwind. I come more aware of the sounds of the nature and take time to enjoy the little things. Spending time with my dear grandpa is precious too even if we are from completely different worlds. He is one of the true gentlemen and good hearted people I know and I hope I’m able to brighten his days when being there. At least he is free from cooking duty for the time.  🙂

Mökki8               Mökki5

No matter how little time I spend here, I always go back to the city refreshed. Then I’m already counting days until I get to go back there again.


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