The enjoyment of hosting

Hope you had a lovely and relaxing Easter!

Here in Finland the evenings are getting longer and the mind is getting lighter. We just need some warm days and the blossoming will be at hand. It is so lovely to see that the nature is slowly waking up after the long and dark winter.

Few weeks back I had my friends over for an afternoon tea. It was about time since I moved in to my apartment in October last year, whoops. Finally I had a weekend off with enough time to bake. If I’ll have friends over, I’ll go all the way. I take full advantage of having people over and I usually try new recipes. My friends are my guinea pigs, everybody’s survived so far and I haven’t hear any complaints.


For savory dish I baked an asparagus pie with parmesan cheese. I paired it with salad leaves and some toppings. For me easy to bake, serve and eat are essentials.


Cheesy asparagus pie, recipe by Kinuskikissa.

The afternoon became a pie party when I decided to try caramel cheesecake pie. This recipe was a first one I tried from Anders Wikström’s book Onnelinen Leipuri. Oh I couldn’t have been happier with it and I think it became my favorite treat for now. It was my first time making caramel which was exciting and nervous as well but it all turned out pretty good.

Just a pinch of salt and voilĂ .

I feel really lucky to have such amazing friends. Sharing memories since high school and hopefully for many years to come.

A hearwarming gift.

Soon we will have our traditional May day here in Finland when people go out to picnics and party all day in the city. Sparkling wine, balloons and white caps – I can’t wait for this celebration.

Take care people and keep smiling!




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