A Day In Hell

Nature, peacefulness and quietness. These three equal happiness to me. Getting that little break from the hustle and bustle of a city life is well needed. 

My Dad and I made a little weekend trip to Helvetinjärvi National Park in southern Finland in September. The park is famous for it’s gorge that was formed over 100 million years ago which is of course our destination as well.

Not only am I looking for relaxation. I am finally putting my new, shiny and scratchless Hanwag hiking boots to test. When I put them on I feel invincible. And off to hell we go.




Campfire snacks will keep you going.


The gorge and a moss wall. I can also say that my boots are perfectly suitable for little rock climbing as well.


A place where you could sit forever.


The nature gives a lot. You get what you choose to take. For me it gives sense of peacefulness, splurge of colors and joy. You are able to pick your own superfood straight from the forest floor that is as close to organic and local food as it gets. The next day I sprinkle lingonberries and blueberries on top of my banana pancakes with a huge smile across my face. Could there be anything better than this.

Mother Nature you are truly amazing.


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